Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

U.S. White Phones is a telephone database that gives users the ability to look up listed phone numbers throughout the United States including Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. The data base is broken up by states, area codes and then cities included in each area code.

The initial web page contains a map of the United States and a list of the states. If the user clicks on a state from the list of states, the next page will reveal a list of all the area codes assigned to that state. Click on the desired area code and the user will find all the telecommunication companies that operate within that area code.

To find the name of the person assigned to a number, the user inputs the number into the search block and click on search. If that number is assigned to a person, the name of the holder of that number is revealed, along with the city the number is assigned, phone provider, cell or landline, county and date the phone number was activated.

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